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“If you’ve owned your home for a while and are seeing a little wear and tear, or if you’ve purchased a house but it needs a lot of fixing, then renovation is your answer.”

Sometimes, all that you need to go from a house to your dream home is a little facelift. If you’ve owned your home for a while and are seeing a little wear and tear, or if you’ve purchased a house but it needs a lot of fixing, then renovation is your answer.

When they think renovation, most people think of the design aspect: changing up paint or furniture to make a space look different compared to before. While this is partly correct, the renovation goes way deeper into the bones of your home. Through your renovation plan, you should be able to address any issues that may cause your home to be less than liveable, for example, structural or plumbing issues.

Undertaking a renovation is not as daunting as you think! There are, however, things to keep in mind when it comes to prioritizing which aspects or areas to fix first. Naturally, the budget will be a factor when making these considerations, so spend your money on the most pressing needs first before moving on to the other stuff. Here’s a handy guide that you can follow to evaluate your urgent renovation needs.


If your roof has faults, it is a must to address these. Leaving it for a later time may cause even more problems. Check for leaks that can cause water damage once the rainy season starts. Sealants can only do so much. Check the structural integrity of your roof, including the layers in it like insulation. You can ask a professional to check this for you since it would be a lot safer, and the output will be a lot better.


Related to the second point, most home accidents can be prevented through proper electric maintenance. This is another job that a pro can help you out with. Check air conditioning units, outlets, breakers, and the like. Make sure everything is in good shape.


Part of a renovation is removing outdated implements and replacing them with ones that can be more efficient in the long run. For example, you may install solar panels to assist with powering your home. You can also get better fixtures for your bathroom and kitchen that can use less water and bring down your water bill.


Once you’ve got most of the foundation stuff covered, you can then go into remodeling your rooms. Most people spend money on remodeling the main spaces of their homes, like the living room and kitchen. These are great places to start with. Address things like flooring, tiling, and plumbing. You can also consider renovating your bathrooms and bedrooms once you’re happy with the main spaces in your home.

Painting and decoration. These can be low-cost improvements that will drastically change the look and feel of your home!

While the starting point of any renovation is completely up to you, this is a good guide to help you evaluate your home and address the most urgent needs first. Don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional or contractor. Even if you have a budget, demand for quality products that will last you in the long run, saving you even more time, money, and headaches.