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Keep your house cool with SCG Smartboard Protection Series

What is SCG Smartboard Protection Series? You’re probably thinking this is just a typical fiber cement board, but this new series actually provides more benefits than aesthetic.

Did you know that about 70% of the heat entering the house come through the roof? With an unpredictable tropical weather here in the Philippines, it is important to keep your house cool and protected especially in the hot dry season.

One of the best ways to reduce the heat in your house is through a well circulated roof system with ventilated ceiling – this can significantly reduce the heat accumulated under the roof. Proper ventilation allows air to flow through, which prevents it from becoming either overheated or moist. Why is this important? This system can reduce energy costs, as well as reduce indoor temperature extremes. If your roof is adequately vented to allow heat to escape, this can reduce the workload of the cooling appliances inside your home.

SCG Smartboard Protection Series can provide the cool and comfortable home that you desire. The composition of this Smartboard Series – as how SCG Smartboard is trusted for – uses a new generation of fiber cement material that is made with FIRM & FLEX technology. It has the composition of SCG Portland Cement, silica and unique cellulose fibers that went through an autoclave process, which is mixed through vaporizing in high temperature and pressure. This process makes the product durable and termite-proof, making it suitable for external use.

SCG Smartboard Protection Series is a new variety and an improved ceiling product with ventilating holes that has a special feature of a durable Fiberglass Mesh that is neatly woven to prevent bugs and insects from entering and potentially damaging the house. This added Fiberglass Mesh does not compromise the quality of the fiber cement board as it is heat and humid resistant which can withstand any weather condition.

SCG Smartboard Protection Series has an added feature of a fiberglass mesh, preventing bugs and insects from entering the house

If your original ceiling using a gypsum board already has damp traces and marks from water stains, you might want to consider this one instead. Not only is it functional, but it also looks aesthetically beautiful to complement the house’s exterior. Various patterns are available as well to give your house a modern feel. It makes the house look more unique and stand out aside from all the other benefits that it provides in the long run – definitely a bang for your buck.